Looking around is quite normal to us. Walking around is natural. Wherever we were, we left marks, traces and tracks. But what´s about other... other beings than humans? I´m doing surface photography since ten years, but it is not all that long ago I realized that there is more about that. There ist more then colour and texture we can use for "inspiration" and artistic stuff.


 Surfaces tell us stories. Stories about an symbiotic life? Plants are growing on human made things. People clean this areas very often. Or we invent surfaces and coatings to protect our things from them.

What does it tell us about our relationships to other species?

And how can help ethnographic methods to understand this difficult and non-word-based field?



It´s more about an imagination of research I want to do, because it´s difficult to avoid a hegemonic Sherlock-Holmes-research-style. But I love the idea to come closer to this world of living surfaces.