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Poetry · 22. Januar 2022
I wrote about the feeling of being desired. (I hate this word, because it sounds familiar to something like ‚destiny‘ – especially in connection to ‚womans feelings‘, but it´s not what I meant.) This is new for me. It's new for me to be attractive. A lot of things has happened in the last decade that has solidified the feeling of being a gross and dysfunctional person.
Poetry · 25. Dezember 2021
There are no dreams. There is no love. Just the dust of our expectations and the advice of our ancients and our abusive friends or interfering people, who are not interested in helping you to find your way of doing well. With their words and judgement there are interested in assuring their own lifestyle, because we are of course all the same and have the same needs. I am tired of getting haunted by demons they are not mine, because I have other expectations to the world, in contrast my...

Poetry · 21. Dezember 2021
Dieses Gedicht dreht sich um den Versuch psychische Gewalt, die mir im in einer früheren Phase passiert ist, hinter mir zu lassen. Obwohl ich mich vom Täter befreien konnte, kam die Erkenntnis sehr spät, auch meinen Freundeskreis, der den Täter unterstützt hat, auch hinter mir zu lassen.
Aesthetic and Perception · 24. November 2021
After three nights with fever dreams, heat and sweat I have some new impressions about things I was overthinking the last weeks... It was really crazy.

Aesthetic and Perception · 17. November 2021
DON'T TOUCH, JUST LOOK! - Blue velvet on furniture, dead bears on the ground... while I visited Castle Drachenburg I took a lot of pictures of the interior. On the one hand this old stuff look very impressiv, on the other hand it feels a little bit cheesy - whithout this castle atmosphere, high windows, small (not effective, but atmospheric) lamps. The hole architecture is designed for this magical und stunning way the sun is shining through the curtains and drapes. Shiny surfaces: lacquered...
Aesthetic and Perception · 04. November 2021
Looking around is quite normal to us. Walking around is natural. Wherever we were, we left marks, traces and tracks. But what´s about other... other beings than humans? I´m doing surface photography since ten years, but it is not all that long ago I realized that there is more about that. There ist more then colour and texture we can use for "inspiration" and artistic stuff.

Missbrauch und Kreativität · 21. Oktober 2021
Bachelor #2 geschafft. Das Ende eines Kapitels: "Im Grenzbereich des Tolerierbaren..." So bezeichnete mein ehemaliger Professor meine Studienarbeiten im Erststudium. Die bisher sehr guten Noten seien nur damit begründet, weil er sich ja so für mich eingesetzt hatte. Mich persönlich bezeichnete er als "schwierige Studentin". - Dass ich später in seinem Seminar eine 4,0 bekommen habe, habe ich über meine Seminargruppe erfahren, mit denen er anscheinend regelmäßig über mich gesprochen hat....