There are no dreams.

There is no love.

Just the dust of our expectations

and the advice of our ancients and our abusive friends or interfering people,

who are not interested in helping you

to find your way of doing well.

With their words and judgement there are interested in assuring their own lifestyle,

because we are of course all the same and have the same needs.


I am tired of getting haunted by demons they are not mine, because I have other expectations to the world, in contrast my environment taught me.

At the same time I am tired of being told to lower my expectations of the world

Like there is a yardstick somewhere.

There are no higher or lower levels.

There are just different needs to feel save and comfortable.


And I am sick of hearing : You can't change the world. People are bad by nature.

And that's problem: I do not want to change the world. I want peace and quiet for what I am. No more, no less.


So my expectations are not high.

My projects are not over ambitious.

I just need something else to do to sleep well at night.

Doing something else - in contrast to you and your normative tradition.


Now I have an advice for you: If you want to tell me your life story or experience about a common subject. - Go for it.

If you get a feeling or the need for telling me how to do things the right way. - Shut the fuck up!


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